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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION If you would like to join the Finger Lakes Native Plant Society without using our handy online form, please use the "PRINT" option in your browser to print this application form and return it with your check to:

532 Cayuga Heights Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

As a member you will receive our newsletter Solidago. Each issue contains information about upcoming programs and outings, interesting news about society functions and events, and articles about native plants, many illustrated with beautiful illustrations. 

Include as much of the information requested as you feel comfortable with. We DO NOT provide this information to anyone else*.

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Suggested dues are $20 ($10 students); please feel free to give more or less support as appropriate.
Please make checks payable to: Finger Lakes Native Plant Society (or FLNPS)

Amount Enclosed: $20 ___ $10 ___ Other, indicate amount $______ 

Your preference for receiving our mailings:

OPTION FOR ELECTRONIC MAILINGS – Postage is a large expense that we would rather go to bringing in speakers. We have decided to discontinue the paper option at this time. If you have selected that option before, you may continue to receive paper copies, but please consider opting for the electronic mailing.

 _______Everything via e-mail – a link to a **Colorful** Solidago; all other items via PDF attachment. BE certain you have filled in your e-mail ID above!

 ______Everything via paper mailing - Black & white Solidago until the public version goes online months later. This option is only for members who are already receiving paper mailings.

* All membership information is kept confidential. We do not share, sell, or otherwise distribute any information, although we may occasionally participate in a joint mailing with another organization if the topic is particularly suitable. E-mail address is primarily for individual contact by steering committee members, rarely for larger mailings of short-notice events or changes in published plans (4 times in 5 years!).

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